Enterprise Resource Planning

A Modern ERP Software For Any Industry

Unified Commerce’s ERP streamlines your procurement, inventory management, and shipping workflows. We take the guess work out of product availability and goods sold so you can focus on building your brand.

Order Fulfillment

Advanced outbound fulfillment processes to deliver your products on time and get a ROI quicker.

Prepare multiple orders at once

Create a picking lists for quick product selection

Connect to your favorite carrier to print multi order shipping labels

Package and let your customers know their order is ship with a click of a button

Supplier Management

Build your supplier base in the admin quickly to see product availability from multiple sources and allow the system to auto generate purchase orders to fulfill optimal stock levels.

Add sales rep contact information to inquire about orders

Notate specific billing terms and shipping fees

Create product/supplier associations with tags


Create a more systematic approach to product procurement with the powerful features available within Unified Commerce’s ERP system. Once a supplier is setup, a user can build out contract details, set optimal stock levels and let the software’s intelligence tell you what products to create regular purchase orders for.

Inventory Management

Advanced inventory management tools let you see complete logs of where a product has been sourced from, sales history, stock movements from different inventory warehouses, and what your threshold stock levels are. 

It is essential to understand a products lifestyle and whether or not it’s a good investment for your business to offer it to your customers.


Fully understand how your inventory and overall store is performing with comprehensive reporting.

Analyze Cost of Goods and Profit Margin

Top Products Sold Overall or Per Category

Customer Demographics

Product Lifecycles

Stock Value Per Warehouse