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Commerce Solutions for the Outdoors Retailer

Outdoors, Archery, Bike & Marine

Specializing in the outdoor sports industry, Unified Commerce is here to provide a fast, and modern commerce solution whether you want to sell camping, climbing, hiking, fishing, archery, boating or other recreational products.

With the concerns of close contact, more and more individuals are looking for outdoor activities to stay busy in their spare time. Now is the time to take advantage of the upturn in the industry and setup a store on Unified Commerce quickly today. Grow your business online, in-store, or anywhere your target audience is and deliver a personalized, branded shopping experience as exciting as your products.

Supplier Integrations

Supplier integrations provide retailers with access to thousands of products that can be drop shipped directly to customers creating low overhead for smaller stores. We offer data feed integrations for several of the top-rated outdoor product suppliers such as Liberty Mountain, Zanders, Big Rock and Moteng. Kinsey’s is also great supplier resource for those interested in setting up an Archery shop.

Flexibility in Selling

When searching for products customers often want to filter by brand, color, size and more. Unified Commerce allows you to create customized search filters to ensure your customers find exactly what they are looking for and complete the sale. Our end-to-end commerce solutions also allows you to easily make adjustments to orders if there are mistakes in shipping addresses and more. No more “canceling” an order just because there is a mistake.

Customer Engagement

Engagement with your customers is key to build brand loyalty.

Connect with your existing and potential customers with built-in integrations to popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Encourage product reviews with email reminders for past customers.

Target preferred demographics with email marketing segmentation tools.