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Commerce Solutions for the Fashion, Apparel & Jewelry Retailer

Fashion, Apparel & Jewelry

Online apparel sales accounted for 38.6% of total U.S. apparel sales in 2019 and 100% of retail clothing sales growth. The world’s leading fashion and apparel brands trust Unified Commerce with their business. Don’t be fooled by other commerce solutions that pretend to offer discounts. Look at the real numbers and compare them. Our customers have better engagement and sell more per month than companies on other plat ifs. If you want to sell more, trust Unified Commerce.

Flexibility in Selling

When searching for apparel and jewelry customers often want to filter by color, material and patterns. Unified Commerce allows you to create customized search filters to ensure your customers find exactly what they are looking for and complete the sale. Our end-to-end commerce solutions also allows you to easily make adjustments to orders if there are mistakes in shipping addresses and more. No more “canceling” an order just because there is a mistake.

Save Time and Money

Every clothing retailer wants to save time and money. UCC enables you to manage one (1) piece of software, not two or more – you can use one, and you are done! You can save a lot of time using our system because you only have to create products once! The Unified Commerce Cloud is so quickly two use your products are added online and instantly available on your POS and website.

Customer Engagement

Engagement with your customers is key to build brand loyalty.

Connect with your existing and potential customers with built-in integrations to popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Encourage product reviews with email reminders for past customers.

Target preferred demographics with email marketing segmentation tools.