Flexible & Future Proof

Commerce Solutions for the Electronics Retailer


Selling electronics online can be challenging. In the ultra-competitive world of Electronics sales, it is critical to save money when you have low margin but high-volume sales. Our comprehensive set of software tools allows you to manage your entire catalog from a single place, forecast inventory needs, drive customer engagement, and deliver a personalized, branded shopping experience to keep your customers coming back for future purchases.

Flexibility in Selling

Mistakes happen, and occasionally customers will purchase the wrong product or mistype an address. Our end-to-end commerce solution allows you to easily make adjustments to orders and go above and beyond for your customers. No more “canceling” an order just because there is a mistake. With our automated order processing, fulfillment, and drop shipping, a customer can feel safe and secure when making a purchase. Align your products within a specific category to allow your customer to find what they are looking for quickly.

Save Time and Money

Every retailer wants to save time and money. Improve your margins by saving time and getting more out of your POS and Retail system. UCC enables you to manage one (1) piece of software, not two or more – you can use one, and you are done! You can save a lot of time using our system because you only have to create products once! The Unified Commerce Cloud is so quickly two use your products are added online and instantly available on your POS and website.

Reliable Under Pressure

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you need to be ready for high traffic, promotion-based sales! Rest assured that Unified Commerce has you covered. Easily process thousands of transactions every minute without worrying about broken carts, crashed checkouts, or downtime. Instead, you can experiment, test new marketing ideas, and launch new products quickly.