Beautify Your Business

Commerce Solutions for the Beauty & Cosmetics Retailer

Beauty And Cosmetics

The Commerce Cloud OS comes equipped with all the e-commerce and retail tools you need to manage your beauty and cosmetics store all from one place. Start with pre-built templates to create a stylish site that your customers love to shop on. Quickly add hot new products into one place and see them published on your website, point of sale, and connected marketplaces. Integrate with social commerce avenues to expand your customer reach further than you thought possible.

Save Time and Money

With Unified Commerce retailers can create more effective workflows and save money by managing one piece of software for their store. No more integrating with a web software, point of sale system, email marketing tools and more. Save time by utilizing the Commerce Cloud OS with everything you need in one place. Create a product once and then its available across all of your channels.

Complete Order Editing

Mistakes happen, and occasionally customers will purchase the wrong size or mistype an address. Our end-to-end commerce solution allows you to easily make adjustments to orders and go above and beyond for your customers. No more “canceling” an order just because there is a mistake.

Expand Your Reach

Omnichannel functionality is critical! Unified Commerce Cloud can help your business increase productivity, retain customers, and boost revenue. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are critical channels for health and beauty brands. The Unified Commerce Cloud can connect your product catalog with the social platforms to sell, advertise and track results in a single system.